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AUTUMN SCHOOL & AUTUMN MEMBERSHIP MEETING 2018 of the WORLD SOCIALIST PARTY (INDIA) Will be held at: Head Office 257 Baghajatin (E) Block (East), Kolkata : 700086


SPEECH AT THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN 1996 SUMMER SCHOOL (Fircroft College, Birmingham, 6th July 1996)
Comrades and Fellow Workers
Allow me to express my deep sense of gratification at the generous fraternal invitation from our comrades of the Socialist Party of Great Britain - the oldest and foremost World Socialism reference point and repository of nearly a century of direct revolutionary knowledge of organisation and action.
Our delegation from the recently founded (March 1995) World Socialist Party (India) hasn't comprised two, but one. Comrade Sambhu Nag's passport application has been denied clearance by the local officials on a flimsy pretext, and no other comrade could come for various other reasons.


At the Socialist Party of Great Britain,Head Office - 14 July 1996, Speaking on Developing Countries and Developing Consciousness

SUNDAY DISCUSSION At the World Socialist Party (India) Head Office, Kolkata